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Marriotts - Stillwater Presentation on Jan 24 at 9 am

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Marriotts - Stillwater Presentation on Jan 24 at 9 am

Postby flue_fisker » January 18th, 2015, 7:02 pm

JAN. 24 – 9:00 am @ Bob Marriott’s | Join Adam Perez and Tod Suttle of The Calico Syndicate for a discussion on “Stillwater Fly Fishing with an Indicator.” This program focuses on tactics & techniques to effectively fish flies in a stillwater environment. The discussion will cover equipment used and leader rigging techniques proven to be successful in the Southern California fisheries. Lake Crowley, Lake Laguna Nigual, and Lago Fig will be highlighted. The program also covers tying and discussing the Heavyweight Midge and the Balanced Leech.

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